My Name is Max

My Name is Max

This is Max. A Chocolate Labrador. Soon to be 5 years of age. He came into our lives in the year 2009 and have changed how we look at animals and especially ourselves.. He taught us patience, understanding and the ability to love ourselves even better.

Growing up, he was a walking disaster. Chewing anything in his path but we know this would happened. We took it with more than a pinch of salt because sometimes it was an expensive shoe or a cabinet or a whole chunk of a door. He reminded us, we were once like him as a child.

He is always there when we need him. A lick on the face, a paw on your hand, a snuggle, a silence look that says, “I am here for you’. He never falter or gave up on us and we made him a promise never to do so.

His life span is short. Ours varies. He is a dog. He is family.

He has his bad habits but don’t we all?


5 thoughts on “My Name is Max

      • I agree with you about Max being a blessing. I think they all are and many times they come into our lives when we need them the most, although we, humans, may think that its the other way around. Thanks for liking my blog:-)

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