Bali – My Second Home

Bali - My Second Home

If you had to choose a place to call your second home, where will it be?

I chose Bali, Indonesia.

I first fell in love with Bali in an unusual way – through her people. I have not set foot on Bali then. I am a hotelier and I chance to have the Balinese people as part of my team. Always willing to serve with passion, kind, compassionate and most importantly, respectful.

I learned their culture through the informative years of working and living with them. It paved the way to my first visit to Bali. My soul is sold.

Now Bali is indeed my second home. 20 years and now I religiously visit the island. I am not there for the places of interest, I am there for the serenity of the island and the beauty of the people.

Eat, Pray, Love


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