The Day Murphy Came Riding With Me.

The Day Murphy Came Riding With Me.

This is the island of Singapore. A tiny nation, rich in culture, diversity and a really, really safe & clean country.

I signed up for a 138km ride along the perimeter of Singapore. There was a 188km ride as well. My ride strategy was well planned – drinks and meals plans was to the dot.

However, Murphy came uninvited and set me up for an eventful ride that clocked 188km.

5 check points/pit stops, 12 water refills, 4 isotonic drinks, 3 redbulls, 1 green tea, 9 bananas, 1 bun, 2 cereal bars, 3 power gels, 2 accidents assist, 1 crucial missed turn, 2 flat tires, 1 dropped water bottle, 12km crippled bike, 5 dollars for a tyre patch, 41 degrees C max temp, 2,859 calories burned, 1 patient supporter, 50km additional distance, 188km and 7hrs 21mins later, I crossed the finishing line!

Would I do it again? It’s another love-hate relationship.


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