Never Fly Without Your Swim Goggles

Never Fly Without Your Swim Goggles

My job requires me to travel. A lot. That was many years ago. My transportation covers air, land and sea. The land and sea part I feel most comfortable. Not the air. It came to a point that I was afraid to fly. Why?

Air crashes.

I been through one small plane and one helicopter air crash. I survived. I thank God and my swim goggles for my survival. Yes, my swim goggles. Most air crashes are headed to the open sea for reasons we all know. Once submerged, visual sight is almost nil. Thanks to my goggles, I see a different world submerged and a route for an escape.

That small plastic device saved my life, not once but twice. Now, my new role requires me to travel once again. A lot.

My goggles – I never fly without it and it sits snugly in my pocket.


4 thoughts on “Never Fly Without Your Swim Goggles

    • Hi Maria – glad to hear you liked the article and welcome on board as a ‘gogglelite’. Thanks for the nomination. You have my vote for sure …. Take care


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