In Life, We have a Choice

In Life, We have a Choice

After a 2 weeks hiatus from my last race, the Ironman 70.3 in Malaysia, I participated in a 10km run called RUN 350 – ‘Run For Tomorrow’ in Singapore.

Objective of the run by the organisers – to instil the message of reducing our carbon footprints. Were the objectives met? I don’t really think so.

There were placards along the run routes reminding us, not only the distance covered, but our carbon footprints in general. Many runners, I am sure, missed the messages as they were too tired to read and their real objective – to cross the finished line.

I was pacer to a friend, who recently turned into a triathlete. His accomplishment is without sacrifices with the mental and physical abuse of trainings received to reach this stage.

It’s a change to his lifestyle.

He was an accomplished athlete and soccer player during his college days. Employment have turned him into a beer-bellied, tired looking man. He is 51 years old.

All these changed after a much needed medical examination. It was either a lifetime of medication or a change of lifestyle. He chose the latter.

Today, after a year, he is a changed man – mentally, physically and most important, healthier. He swims, bike, run and have accomplished a few marathon and triathlon races under his belt.

His name – Kavin Phillips.

In life, we always have a choice. What is yours?


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