Death By Water

Death By Water

On Sunday, 26 December 2004, the Asian Tsunami struck.

I was in the Maldives. I survived. A calamity that I do not want to remember well.

I was overseeing two resorts. One was rebuilt a year later and the other closed permanently.

I stayed for two months after the tsunami, assisting in search & recovery and re-building the lives of my staff and their families.

I arrived home, clutching a black garbage bag filled with my possessions.

10 years have passed. Any article on natural disasters would trigger a distant memory of the day it happened or it’s anniversary. It saddens me.

I thought about the people that was with me, who survived, and what they are doing now.

By chance, I met an ex-member of my key staff last week, who was with me on that fateful day. 10 years ago.

We were instantly ‘transported’ back to the year 2004.

It was a joy and a tearful reunion.

Domi – thank you for giving us hope, faith and the reason to survive. You were indeed a pillar of strength when we were all weak with fear. Your humour during the times of need was the food to our souls and well-being. It kept us alive on that fateful Boxing Day.


2 thoughts on “Death By Water

  1. raymond,
    2004 boxing day is a print in our life. Never thought will read this page from you, A LITTLE bit LATE but a word of “THANK YOU”, your super energy & spirit were a strength to me.
    p/s: my little xmas present(snickers chocky) from u & tracy were safe lol


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