Cycling For The Less Fortunate – A Charity Bike ‘N’ Blade 2014

Cycling For The Less Fortunate - A Charity Bike 'N' Blade 2014

60km + 160km = 220km

Imagine – ascending to 1500m in altitude over a distance of 60km and the very next day cycling 160km over challenging terrain in Ipoh, Malaysia.

If you have an average fitness and have the means, it would be a piece of cake. Almost anyone can do it.

Now imagine – you are an average fit person but do not have the means – poor nutrition, lack of equipment and lack of support.

Can you complete the distance?

In our world, we have a group of people who are less fortunate than us. People who have no loved ones, not enough food, no proper bed to sleep, not a clean shirt on their back and we see them almost everyday.

We are all guilty of turning an eye and yet we tell ourselves, we should have done something.

What have you actually done for them?

I am taking my love for the bicycle to raise funds for these less fortunate people. People who were once loved and cared for and now being ‘discarded’ by society.

All I asked is for you to sacrifice SIN$5 dollars or more (give up your Starbucks for today!) and donate to my cause. For your kind donations, I will rise and ride with pride knowing you have my back and the back of those you are giving – The Salvation Army.

My target is to raise SIN$2,000 by August 20, 2014.

For more info and to donate:

Many thanks for your kind generosity and God Bless!


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