KM Duathlon

KM Duathlon

KM Duathlon.

Billed as the most challenging distance in Singapore: a 10km run-40km bike-10km run aka KM60. For those not inclined to challenge the KM60, there is a half distance category of 5km-20km-5km aka KM30.

The two distances are ‘doable’ for most endurance athletes especially seasoned triathletes. So what is the fuss that is running and riding around social media on KM Duathlon?

The Entry Fee.

For an individual participant, the charge now is at SGP$213. There are the two-participant relay at SGP$418 and the Team Challenge at SGP$163 per participant.

Highway robbery, you might want to call it. For a Duathlon race, these prices are not heard of or seen in the circuit within Singapore. Cries of boycott by many athletes and a demand for an explanation on the high cost are heard.

The organisers have indicated that the goodie bag for participants are worth SGP$250 which includes a branded compression top and sports insurance. I hope they have discounted the useless discount vouchers that tends to fill the bag. They must ensure the finishers’ medal is unique (as good as the Ironman races) and worth the cost and effort.

Post-race services mentioned includes full-body massages, chilled towels, light bikes and cold beer. I hope these are complimentary to justify the high entry fee. I know some would say, why a cold beer after a strenuous race? Well, I for one (and I am sure many other beer lovers) are not complaining as long as it is complimentary.

I am a freaking mad endurance athlete that competes in approx. 22 races per year. From charity runs to triathlons to Ironman races both locally and overseas. I am intrigue by the many comments I have read on KM Duathlon. Most of them negative due to the high fees. The more I read, the further I am intrigued. Intrigued by the interest this event have generated and most importantly intrigued at the number of endurance athletes we have in Singapore who are hungry for more races.

KM Duathlon IS expensive but I am finally game come July 20, 2014.


Because there is an ocean, a road and a run trail to explore.


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