The Best Hotel Training School

The Best Hotel Training School

Someone asked me the other day, which is the best hotel training school in the world?

Honestly, I could not give an immediate answer. I pondered over the question for many days.

There are many well-known hotel training schools, academies, universities around the globe.

All these well known institution requires tons of money to enrol and graduate. Yet, all you have to show is a piece of paper after graduation plus a few months of internship in a hotel.

And there are the school of hard knocks. You work from the bottom to the top plus night school for the academics.

My best, no, my awesome hotel training I received was with Club Med.

Yes, Club Med.

I was a G.O (Gentil Organisateur). An employee. An Ambassador of the Club Med spirit and it’s 5 values – Kindness, Freedom, Responsibility, Pioneer, Multiculturalism.

How many of you can recite your current or previous company’s values now?

I cannot but I can recite Club Med’s

The experienced that the Club Med values gave was surreal.

It taught me true compassion expects no rewards or recognition, the freedom to express, the responsibility to be myself, the courage to be a pioneer in my individual ideas & creativity and the ability to live, work and respect a united nations of languages and religions.

I am what I am because of Club Med.

An ex-G.O once said, “We Are, We Were and Will Always Be a G.O”


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