I Completed The Inaugural Singapore KM Duathlon

10km Run-40km Bike-10km Run or 5km Run-20km Bike-5km Run

I chose the latter.

When registration opened for the inaugural KM Duathlon, there was a call to boycott the event due to the high cost for participation. Indeed, for a race in Singapore, the registration fees are on an extreme. This deters me.

However, the spirit of a healthy lifestyle and a wee bit of competitiveness put me on edge to just go for it. After all, the organiser billed the event on a grandeur.

They were not wrong.

The race pack collection was home delivered. Yes, it was delivered to you, be it at your office or home. No hassle of finding a parking lot nor a queue or pushing your way around on a weekend with the shopping crowd.

Expecting a paper or plastic carrier bag or a cheap backpack for your race pack? Surprise! Surprise! It arrived in a handsome, good quality, simple yet stylish black box that is reusable. A WOW factor for me. The content was minus the standard discount vouchers (which I hate most!). Just your race number tags, timing chip, race information, a Men’s Health magazine and a cycling compression jersey. I expected more though.

Race day venue was at the Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre aka Aviation Park. Think aviation and you have a  wide expanse space. A perfect place for a race if you don’t mind the sweltering heat from above and below the road surface. 

As the race was to start at the crack of dawn, I felt sorry for athletes that need to cycle to the race venue. The 2.5km long Aviation Park Road was not lit and it was total darkness. Safety was an issue here.

Those who arrived in vehicles was better off as there were road marshals to assist – even assisting us to park our cars in an orderly manner that makes for an easy transition unloading our bikes. Only setback at the parking lots, no lights.

The walk to the transition area was mere minutes and security was tight which is a plus for me. Bikes were evenly space out and roomy. A unique feature was your name and number printed on an A3 size photo paper and stuck to the road to indicate your space. Great idea and you get to keep it post-race. One issue I find irritating – we were not allowed to hang our small towels on the bike rack or on our bike. No reasons were given by the transition marshals when asked.

From the run route to the bike route, space was optimum. No elbow knocking, no zig-zag to occupy the best run position and the bike route was flat and not a necessity to shout “on your right!”.

The rehydration station was complete with isotonic, water, power gels and attentive volunteers. More importantly, one could see, at certain distance markers, a mobile first aider stationed on run and bike routes. I felt really safe!

Post-race events are kept to a minimum with the focus on sports massages and a full buffet spread that serves beers – all complimentary. I love the 4 different ‘Slurpee’s’ or ‘ice freeze’. It was a thirst quencher.

I had fun and enjoyed my race thoroughly.

Maybe its because the number of participants did not reached a thousand thus the spaciousness. The organiser have carefully thought through this event having safety, security and comfort as its paramount concern. I have to give kudos to the Master of Ceremony or the DJ for giving it an air of race anxiety, great advises, loud music, fun and just simply allowing us to enjoy our moments when we crossed the finished line.

I’ll be back next year.


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