The Lady Who Inspires

This is Tracy Mok. Mid-40s.

Once a couch-potato who loves Chinese and Korean TV dramas, laze by the beach for half, if not, a full day soaking the sun and the occasional cook.

Not one into sports. Hates running and anything that needs to move her hands and feet in a fast motion.

That was many years ago.

Fast forward to 2012 and to the present.

Fitter, faster and an adrenalin craving adventurous junkie.

No longer are the hours spent on the couch or the eyes glued to the TV. It is now spent cutting the ocean’s water, pedalling hard on road tarmacs, pounding run trails, contorting her body in various positions, strength training and  honing her skills over the hot stove and oven.

Why the sudden change? The answer is vague. Health? Influence? Resolution? Lifestyle? Boredom?Only she knows.

Her transformation have changed her life completely – she values the meaning of ‘having not just a life, but an inspired and healthy life’.

To begin is not easy, to maintain this sporty lifestyle requires mental and physical discipline. Not many have the will power at her age. She trains daily accumulating 12-16 hours per week.

I am inspired by her everyday.

She is my BFF, confidante and my companion for life.

Oh, she is a damn great chef too!





One thought on “The Lady Who Inspires

  1. I nodded my head in agreement as I read your post. Iwas confined to keeping house , minding kids etc while my poor hubby (a lorry driver) worked all hours. Now the kids are grown, hubby works 8 to 4 and we live to enjoy life. 50+ is the age of adventures.


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