What Motivates You?

Money? Branded products? Luxury cars?


It is the everyday people I see. A blind man crossing a road. An obese person exercising. A stray animal nurturing her litter.

These everyday people (and animals) are physically challenged in their own ways.

Two names changed my life. Armstrong and Hoyt.

Lance Armstrong, though disgraced in the sporting world, inspired and motivated millions in his fight for cancer.

Rick and Dick Hoyt aka Team Hoyt is the father & son endurance team. Only difference, the son is physically challenged.

These people made me see and appreciate the other side of life that we tend to ignored.

If you see me smiling at an obese person jogging, an old lady pushing a trolley with discarded cardboard boxes, a prosthetic legged person ambling his way up a flight of stairs – it is because these everyday people motivates the very core of me – the effort to stay healthy, the food that is needed for the family and the fight to be a normal person.

I count my blessings each day and thank God for my blissful life.

And if I have a bad day, I turned to The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt on YouTube.

Just get your tissues ready.


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