Me, Tracy And Our Bromptons

Me, Tracy And Our Bromptons

This is me, Tracy and our travelling companions, Brompton bikes.

We are frequent travellers, not for work, but vacations. Yes, we tend to take loads of short weekend trips to neighbouring countries and add one or two long road trips to the other side of the world.

We are adventure seekers and sometimes risk our lives to have that adrenalin rush. Thus comes our Bromptons – light, portable, efficient and gets you anywhere you want to go. All you need is a good pair of lungs, strong legs and a bit of knowledge on bike repairs.

Life is an adventure itself – we just need to make it more adventurous.


In Life, We have a Choice

In Life, We have a Choice

After a 2 weeks hiatus from my last race, the Ironman 70.3 in Malaysia, I participated in a 10km run called RUN 350 – ‘Run For Tomorrow’ in Singapore.

Objective of the run by the organisers – to instil the message of reducing our carbon footprints. Were the objectives met? I don’t really think so.

There were placards along the run routes reminding us, not only the distance covered, but our carbon footprints in general. Many runners, I am sure, missed the messages as they were too tired to read and their real objective – to cross the finished line.

I was pacer to a friend, who recently turned into a triathlete. His accomplishment is without sacrifices with the mental and physical abuse of trainings received to reach this stage.

It’s a change to his lifestyle.

He was an accomplished athlete and soccer player during his college days. Employment have turned him into a beer-bellied, tired looking man. He is 51 years old.

All these changed after a much needed medical examination. It was either a lifetime of medication or a change of lifestyle. He chose the latter.

Today, after a year, he is a changed man – mentally, physically and most important, healthier. He swims, bike, run and have accomplished a few marathon and triathlon races under his belt.

His name – Kavin Phillips.

In life, we always have a choice. What is yours?

A Paw And A Hand

A Paw And A Hand

This paw belongs to my dog, Max. Holding him, is his human mom, Tracy.

Max is a Chocolate Labrador and will turn 5 in June.

I never thought a photo showing a human hand holding a dog’s paw would have an emotional impact on me.

No, Max is not sick.

It shows us how fragile our lives are and sometimes a touch or a giving hand says more than any words could offer.


I Swam 1.9km, Bike 90km, Ran 21km – All For This Piece of Metal

I Swam 1.9km, Bike 90km, Ran 21km - All For This Piece of Metal

It is called the Ironman 70.3

It has been a week since I tortured myself with mental and physical pain. I am still recovering from the anguish of the pain physically.

Mentally, I asked myself why?

This is not my first Ironman. Each time I crossed the finished line, I told myself, never again! Now I am searching the world for the next Ironman. I can’t fathom why the fascination with triathlons.

Besides the mental and physical torture, I had to deal with Mother Nature. On that day she was not kind enough – she sent the temperature to a soaring 37 degrees Centigrade (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) – she killed many Ironman-wannabes dream especially during the run. They stumbled, they fall, they crawled, they lie writhing in pain. They gave up.

I saw a poster that reads the definition of a triathlete – a person who does not understand that one sport is hard enough.

To those fallen comrades Ironies, I salute your determination.

My Bucket List circa 1980

My Bucket List circa 1980

1980 – The year I wrote, “Things I Want To Do In My Life”, I was only 17.

2014 – Just two more on the list that I have yet to complete. I will be 51 this year.

Inspired by the world of TV, radio and movies then, I wrote this and lived the dream.

Bucket List as it is called today. The list would have been different if I had wrote it in my 30s.

Go create one and lived your dreams.

Never Fly Without Your Swim Goggles

Never Fly Without Your Swim Goggles

My job requires me to travel. A lot. That was many years ago. My transportation covers air, land and sea. The land and sea part I feel most comfortable. Not the air. It came to a point that I was afraid to fly. Why?

Air crashes.

I been through one small plane and one helicopter air crash. I survived. I thank God and my swim goggles for my survival. Yes, my swim goggles. Most air crashes are headed to the open sea for reasons we all know. Once submerged, visual sight is almost nil. Thanks to my goggles, I see a different world submerged and a route for an escape.

That small plastic device saved my life, not once but twice. Now, my new role requires me to travel once again. A lot.

My goggles – I never fly without it and it sits snugly in my pocket.

So What’s Great About Working in A Hotel or A Resort?

So What's Great About Working in A Hotel or A Resort?

Yup, that’s me! One of the many awards to my collection as a hotelier. By no means the award is for an individual. It’s a team effort.

My life into the worlds of hotels & resorts started at the aged of 24. It has brought me to places I can only dream about when I was a kid – Maldives, Tahiti, Mexico, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Caribbean, Bahamas and these are just for work. In between there are travels to seek new locations from bustling cities of Europe to remote islands of the Pacific.

Ah, a life of exotic places and discovery of cultures. Sounds fun? Yup, I must say so but it comes with a heavy burden too. I am one of those fortunate to have survived a coup d’état, drifting (lost) at sea, a hurricane, an earthquake, a small plane and a helicopter crash and a tsunami. I lost friends and colleagues.

Now I stand at home in my own country, looking back at the years. It was great while it lasted. I don’t mourn for those lost years of rock & rolling, I mourn for my friends and colleagues I left behind, who made my life what it is today.

An award? Well, it is just a metal piece and a paper. The real deal is the people you work with.